General information about singing bowls

Planetary singing bowls


Planetary singing bowls are selected singing bowls having at least one planetary frequency.

The used measurement procedure and the basic knowledge belong to the Swiss music-therapist and mathematician Hans Cousto.

In his book “Die Cosmische Oktave” he calculated the solar orbits of the solar system and hereinafter he explored the planetary frequencies in our solar system.

Now we are able to do the self-therapies and applications with astrological findings and foundations reaching back far in history, e.g. for Greek and Roman astrologists.


Here a practical example:

In the course of a self therapy we can use a Jupiter-singing bowl, for an aura- or a body-therapy. With help of the vibrations, we use the special Jupiter characteristics like creativity, reconstruction power, optimism, generosity, sense of justice, confidence and trust to help the patients.

Because of the connection between the human beings and the signs of the zodiac and their contained qualities and characteristics you can treat every single patient individually. It is for the daily self-therapy and the strengthened self-balance.

Use these helpful and effective help with planetary singing bowls, their origin is the term “The Healing Sounds of Tibet”.


Now we want to present you the choice of new, old and ancient planetary singing bowls. We describe every single planetary singing bowl and its qualities and characteristics.