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Singing bowls - The Healing Sounds of Tibet

I first discovered singing bowls on my first trip to the Himalaya. From the beginning they exerted a particular fascination on me.



In Kathmandu I visited several little specialist shops and singing bowls were offered to me. I bought my first one in the course of a journey concerning my carpet project.

In the course of my approximately 80 journeys to the Himalaya I had contact with smaller and bigger singing bowls. I recognized that they were struck with wooden clappers in a very rustic way. This way, very shrill tones were produced which were unpleasant and non-professional.

Some years later I got a massage with singing bowls in the beautiful hotel "LIEBES ROT FLÜH" (Tyrol, Tannheimertal) from a professional. A singing bowl practitioner from Styria performed four ordinary singing bowls directly on my body.

I remember that this singing bowls massage was very pleasant, but I missed background knowledge what disappointed me.

I had some questions, but he unfortunately couldn't answer them. Whatever, it was comfortable but short and right after the massage it knocked at the door and a colleague of him asked for the singing bowls.

It was the beginning of the new millennium when I got a call from a man named Frank Plate. He wanted to be a part of a journey to the Himalaya, where we also wanted to ride motorcycles.

One week before the journey mister Plate called me and told me, that due to health issues he couldn't be a part of this journey. I googled his name and discovered, that he was the only qualified and trackable professional concerning planetary singing bowls in the german-speaking area.

This was more than a coincidence to me and so I drove to Stuttgart (Germany) to visit him. With joy and happiness I passed through the whole training to be a singing bowls masseur.

Afterwards I travelled with him to the Himalaya, where it was also possible for me to show him “hidden” Bhutan. With our motor cycles we drove over the highest pass in the country, the Chele La (4000 meter).

Since summer of 2006 I am a professional singing bowls practitioner and I am teaching in the planetary singing bowls center in Obertrum am See (Salzburg/Austria).

This life-fulfilling task has become the center of my life. This task is no longer work for me, it is more like a beautiful hobby and it delights me to work together with such wonderful people.


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