Our unique selling propositions

Professional competence through 80 journeys to the Himalaya, well-founded trainings and an incomparably selection of planetary singing bowls.



According to our visitors our center is characterized by a unique Tibetan ambience, a large selection of planetary singing bowls and an incomparably equipment.

A very special offer of our various services is to measure the energy included in the planetary singing bowls. It strengthens the contact between the bowls individual effectiveness and the person being in therapy.

Additionally, all our old and ancient planetary singing bowls are seperated because of their exact age. These old and ancient bowls have on average a higher Bovis-unit than the new ones. Earlier sacred purposes could be a reason for this phenomenon.

We take as much time as needed for all our visitors. This is our present to all people, that we welcome the traditional Tibetan greeting “Tashi Dellek” which means “luck and blessing on all of your ways”.