The planetary singing bowls quality-guidelines:

New planetary singing bowls:

1; Every new planetary singing bowl has to show or to contain at least one (or more) planetary frequencies.

2; A wonderful, excellent and persistent sound is a very important condition for the planetary singing-bowls.

3; An optimal and steady possibility to start is required on the entire upper rim.

4; Every new, old or ancient planetary singing bowl existing in our collection shows the “Bovis-Scale”.
The planetary singing bowls we use for our therapies have 30.000 – 100.000 Bovis-units, so they cause immediately energetically improvements!

Here in the first “Austrian Planetary Singing Bowls Centre” in Obertrum, Salzburg they have more than 60.000 Bovis-units.
In principle the (planetary) singing bowls are just useful if they contain a higher Bovis-unit than the person getting treated.

Old (at least 50 years) or ancient planetary singing bowls (at last 100 years):

5; All the old and ancient planetary singing bowls are defined by their exact age. Those bowls often contain a higher Bovis-unit than new ones. Sacred purposes could be a reason for this phenomenon.