Siegfried Mayer leads the planetray singing bowls center.

In Asia I am called “Mayerlama”. In the course of my 85 journeys to the Himalaya and in training with Frank Plate I acquired my knowledge of planetary singing bowls.




Originally the old Tibetan carpets brought me to the Himalaya. In 1988 I founded the first carpet manufactory excluding child labour in Kathmandu/Nepal. In the last 24 years I brought over 10.000 hand woven and individually custom-made carpets to Austria.

Some time later I founded a school project in 2001 with some friends of mine for the poorest children of Nepal in Kathmandu. Since 15 years now I am working voluntary on my project of the first “Austrian village” (Österreichdorf) in Nepal and since then I had a lot of wonderful events there.

Since 2006 I'm developing the first Austrian planetary singing bowls center to use it as a training center with high-quality planetary singing bowls. I love this fulfilling duty. 



In my opinion the singing bowl is the best instrument for sound-therapy.

Through my long-time contacts to Himalaya it was possible for me to set up a continuously changing collection of nearly 2.000 planetary singing bowls.



Only by this large selection/collection of rare planetary singing bowls a qualitative training of singing bowls therapy is possible. This from planetary singing bowls practitioner to professional.

Meanwhile also private persons make use of my know-how and my trainings concerning singing bowls, planetary singing bowls and singing bowls massages. These are the best supports on the way to self-development respectively for daily relaxation. It can be also used as a perfect prevention of a burnout.

As a prevention of burnout you can also have a look on our carpet project because an individual carpet can help to relax. ;)