Production of the rare planetary singing bowls

… happens in laborious handcraft in the course of many working steps. It is largely done only by men.




As a groundwork a so called „simple“ singing bowl is manufactured in different sizes by hand.


At first different metals get melted in certain parts. For this, every manufacturer has its own carefully guarded recipe.


In the next step a flat metal disk gets casted out of this alloy. The disk is slowly hand driven by several men, who use hammers of different sizes to get the disk into the right shape.


The now processed unwrought singing bowl has to be put continuously into the fire so that the alloy stays soft enough for processing.


After bringing the raw bowl in countless works steps into its final shape, it has to be cleaned and polished with bigger and smaller hammers.


Now the singing bowl is ready and can find its way to our organization. It is measured with a microphone with computer connection and the underlying special software with respect to eventually present planetary tones and frequencies.


Maybe this sounds easy for you, but reality of producing singing bowls/planetary singing bowls is far more complicated than you think. It is characterized by a permanent collection and measuring in the beautiful Himalayan region. There are very less (2-5%) really good planetary singing bowls that show no frequency deviation and it's very hard to find them or to filter them out of the new total Indian and Nepali output. The manufacturer can't influence the development of planetary singing bowls, because it happens coincidentally at normal production.



Furthermore there are some more selection criteria, for example a real planetary singing bowl has to have pure planetary tones respectively this singing bowl has to maintain its tone very long after an uniquely played on.


Then the top planetary singing bowls are selected, packed and sent via airfreight into our planetary singing bowls center in Salzburg. Many working steps have to be taken like customs clearance, transportation, unpacking, book-keeping acquisition and priced. It's a lot of work but it's the same with our carpets, it's important to us to offer only the crème de la crème of singing bowls.


After this whole procedure the planetary singing bowls are ready to be chosen by “their” right person, be that a private user or one of our seminar attendees.


There is a considerable effort needed what explains the price of such a high-quality planetary singing bowl. If you want to have the best sound massage, you need the best singing bowls material.