Historical background of singing bowls

Since centuries singing bowls are in daily use in Himalayan monasteries as well as in private use.




In religious matters singing bowls are used as begging bowl of the simple monk to powerful meditation to recovery of monks and Tibetan Lamas, who left their body in the course of a deep relaxation.


In private as in public domains singing bowls were popular wedding presents, they were used universally as container; expectant mothers ate exclusively out of singing bowls.


In many cases fruit and vegetables were stored in singing bowls, what preserved the food for longer.


Unfortunately there are no written recordings how to use singing bowls properly, we only have oral tradition.


Sadly the last Himalayan generations didn’t care much about the effect of singing bowls, whereby helpful knowledge was lost.


It’s due to some German singing bowls pioneers that the healing background of the singing bowls was revitalized (amongst other things in Germany). In this course also the planetary singing bowls and their range of application were developed.