The planetary singing bowls center is located in Obertrum (Salzburg/Austria).

You can find the planetary singing bowls center at the following address: Mühlbachstraße 19, A- 5162 Obertrum am See, 12 kilometers north of Salzburg.



Our planetary singing bowls center offers a unique ambience in terms of the authentic equipment. As 24 years went by the center grew and with it my experiences, that I also gained in the course of my 80 journeys to the Himalaya.


The centerpiece is the hand-carved Tibetan altar with its 5 Dyhani-Buddhas, whom you will see at first when you start your training here. Theser are the 5 cosmic Buddhas which represent the 5 elements respectively the compass directions.

Nearly 2000 high-quality old and new planetary singing bowls wait for their visitors, from the smallest planetary singing bowl of the world (with a diameter of 8 centimeter) to the largest with 60 centimeter. With this large selection every visitor/trainee found his/her fitting planetary singing bowl. With it you can guarantee the best possible sound therapy.

Additionally you can find rare planetary gongs, planetary zimbels and high-quality prayer flags which round off the ensemble concerning sound therapy. I also offer fitting music and first-class teas to end a singing bowls massage.

The original Tibetan carpets of our Tibetan-Art-Collection give the whole place a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Our premises and our ambience represent training with planetary singing bowls in small groups with a maximum of 8 people, the holy number of Tibet.

Our theory lessons are arranged on the big seminar table, our 4 massage tables to practice are located in smaller single rooms. It’s very important that no one is lying in the “smog of sound” from several massage tables, because a sound therapy must not to be disturbed by other noises.


Please feel free to contact us and visit us for a first meeting and enjoy the beautiful ambience of our Austrian planetary singing bowls center with us.