New trading licence in the pipeline

A new trading licence, the planetary singing bowls professional, is in the pipeline, in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Economy.

The actual situation in Austria regarding the licence “Der Energetiker” is very inadequate, because every Austrian can get this without precondition.

Bio-energy therapist don’t need any well founded courses to get the trading licence, there are a lot of “free-dodgers”, offering inferior work and we want nothing to do with them.

On the one hand, we want to offer the help seeking patients the best help; on the other hand we want to find an appropriate cooperation with the open-minded doctors. Because they devote themselves to these healing techniques, we want to install the new trading licence “The planetary singing bowls professional” in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy in Salzburg.

The new trading licence with a well founded training is then a part of the health business, to achieve this licence you have to manage the following training steps.

1; 3 modules including each time 6 days well founded training with planetary singing bowls, dispersed to 3 years. The training courses in Salzburg and Upper Austria are sponsored with 50%.

2; An 170-hours training course “fundamentals of orthodox medicine”, held by a doctor.

3; In conclusion a supervision during 40 professional uses of planetary singing bowls of Siegfried Mayer or his co-trainers.

All our future colleagues releasing this new trading licence have automatically personal liability insurance in the extent of 10 million euro.

Last but not least, we hope for a harmonic and optimal cooperation with the planetary singing bowls and open-minded doctors to help all our patients. This cooperation in some other countries in this world has been normal for a long time.