Module 1 – planetary singing bowl practitioner

In the course of the module 1 you learn the basic knowledge about the operation of your first planetary singing bowl with deep relaxation.

In the module 1 we learn with our first 3 planetary singing bowls the body- and aura-therapy with an optimal deep relaxation.

We realize body therapies and singing bowls massages in prone position, supine position and side position, in the course of a couple-therapy these positions are able too.   

We will make a small concert with planetary singing bowls for a few people and, of course we will occupy ourselves with theoretical knowledge about the topic “planetary singing bowls-massage”. Siegfried Mayer will show us these points in a very nice and playful atmosphere!

With passing the planetary singing bowls practitioner we can continue with the use in the sense of deep relaxation for help seeking people. In this time we can apply the license without any other terms and conditions. You can immediately start after with the planetary singing bowls.


Because we are WIFI-instructors, the planetary singing bowls-training is supported, e.g. our seminars in Salzburg and Upper Austria get 50% sponsored, except university graduate.


Important note:

In the mean time we can measure out all our used planetary singing bowls and show their Bovis-units, because only a singing bowl with a higher energy than the treated patient can be helpful! So it is senseless or contra productive to treat patients with low vibrational singing bowls, in this case you withdraw their energy!