Module 3 – planetary singing bowls professional

In the course of the module 3 we optimize our use of planetary singing bowls, planetary gongs, tuning forks and cymbals completed with healing-colours, essential oils and healing stones.

In the module 3 on the way to become a planetary singing bowls professional we play besides our planetary singing bowls even with planetary-cymbals, planetary-tuning forks and planetary-gongs.

Additional to the planetary singing bowls-massage we use in the course of our therapies the colours, healing stones and essential oils dedicated to the Chakras to offer the most energetically and health-orientated result.

The future aim of our professionals is to use planetary instruments together with open-minded and alternative-minded doctors to help their patients!


Important note:

In the mean time we can measure out all our used planetary singing bowls and show their Bovis-units, because only a singing bowl with a higher energy than the treated patient can be helpful! So it is senseless or contra productive to treat patients with low vibrational singing bowls, in this case you withdraw their energy!