Module 2 – planetary singing bowl-coach

In the course of the module 2 we continue growing and start to coach help seeking people and use planetary singing bowls well-directed.

In the module 2 – the planetary singing bowl-coach – we turn our attention on the indispositions of our fellow men and we try to help with our very old and complementary healing-technique. A consultation at ours doesn’t replace an appointment at the doctors’!

In the course of the coaching we occupy ourselves with the 12 main Chakras and the most important trivial Chakras. Secondary we learn important things about the human aura and the connections with the Chakras. In this context, we learn to work with the humans’ aura together with the planetary singing bowls.

All our seminars are practical; we try to prepare all the attendees for their later practical therapies in the best way!


Important note:

In the mean time we can measure out all our used planetary singing bowls and show their Bovis-units, because only a singing bowl with a higher energy than the treated patient can be helpful! So it is senseless or contra productive to treat patients with low vibrational singing bowls, in this case you withdraw their energy!