Consultations for private persons

We give you competent advice after fixing an appointment.

We provide you an hour information and consultation; we show you your actual condition of your main Chakras (your centre of energy) with help of a muscle-test and we measure your actual energetically Bovis-units.

The costs are 36, -- Euro.

You should at least show 7.000 to 8.000 Bovis-units; in any event we can raise your Bovis-units with help of very high vibrational planetary singing bowls.

The planetary singing bowls we use have at least 30.000 to 100.000 Bovis-units which gives you immediate energetically improvement.

In the first Austrian planetary singing bowl centre in Obertrum you get treated in the course of a consultation with a Bovis-unit higher than 60.000.

In principle, (planetary) singing bowls are just useful if their Bovis-unit is higher than the person in therapy!

Fix an appointment with Siegfried Mayer: +43 664 100 19 77


Some further information about Bovis-units:

...foods with Bovis-units higher than the own body give you energy! Real bees’ honey has about 18.000 Bovis-units!

...foods with Bovis-units lower than the body withdraw energy and harm our health. Some foods show such a low Bovis-unit so they can be in a negative frequency-area!

...cosmic constellations cause a rise of energy on the planet earth in the next years; this is also measurable with Bovis-units.

This means, every living organism going along with this energy-raise, gets faithful to the meaning of evolution.

Every human-being and living organism being mental and spiritual not ready for this has to leave the “teaching planet” earth. This is the simple truth! Our planet earth is a “teaching planet”; its point is primary to help our spiritual development, some people mix this up with a misguided material development!